Apurinã Rapè


Apurinã Rapé comes directly from the Apurinã village. Brazil

(Amazon jungle)

Its a very good blend for mental cleaning, focus, concentration, releasing stress and anxiety, 

to be used when the body gets sick.

Its a very nice option for the first timer using forest medicine 

Apurinã Rapé is known as “the green rapé” as it doesnt have tobbaco . but this does not mean it is weak, far from it – just more body than heady. 

No one knows all the herbs that are inside because the indigenous of this tribe keep it secret. The only ingredient of this very special blend we have knowledge of is a plant called Awiry, which grows in the zone where their village is.

As its grows beside the river, its a blend that cant just be produced anytime of the year, only when the river is down.

Also their village is not open to the public. They dont do festivals like some other tribes.

Those 2 facts make this blend more valuable and hard to get.

Apurinã is an amazonian tribe who dont drink Ayahuasca.

Their ritual is using the Rapé and another medicine that is “masticated”, like Coca leaf from Peru. And the blend is used all the day before healing ceremonies.

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