About us

A small organisation of heart centred souls, born to serve humanity in every loving way possible.

Founders Jenna & Billy have dedicated their life purpose to the evolution of the golden age.

Our own self-inquiry over the years have taken us both travelling extensively in south America, India & Bali to study traditional practices and techniques with various shamans, teachers and schools.

Along the way we have made many meaningful heart connections with amazingly talented artisans who create beautiful sacred items, various natural medicines and health care products that we have been using for our own healing, ceremonies and rituals throughout the years and after running out of the products we use in our Shamanic practices, rather than continuing to buy on amazon we decided to create our online shop where we now offer a stunning collection of unique fair-trade arts & crafts that have been ethnically sourced and chosen by us personally from theses indigenous communities that we have spent time in ceremonies and retreats with around the world.

This work contributes to supporting tribes and families to build a better life for themselves while helping to maintain their ancient wisdom and culture.

We feel honoured to share theses with you, in hope that they can also help you on your soul journey, raise your vibration and balance your energy.


Our own personal journeys have taken us deep into the darkness & back again, giving us the ability to connect with a huge variety of personalities, their traumas and lifestyle.

This path has allowed us to tap into forgotten knowledge through the use of sacred medicines, practices & traditions that expand the consciousness of the mind and connects us deeper to the soul so that we can live life from the heart.

Theses ways of healing transformed our lives and we now wish to create a platform for others to experience the same, to truly know freedom, happiness, peace and harmony.

We provide a safe space for you to dive deep into your healing process and develop a connection to your unique soul that can help you understand your past life choices with a higher awareness of current patterns playing our in your reality.

Seeing ourselves from this place of understanding can help us break free from destructive ways and experience the unconditional love within.

When everything falls apart, we learn to be compassionate with ourselves. We learn to listen, acknowledge and embrace our emotions by being non-rejecting of our feelings.

It is from this place of softness, of recognizing that we have fallibility, just like everyone else, that we can take crucial steps forward and change our life for the better.

You do not heal from trauma, and nobody heals you either.

You simply reconnect with that sacred place in yourself that was never traumatised, never broken, never damaged in the first place; Your TRUE Self, absolute and ever-present, innocent and free.

When we allow ourselves time and space to process our feelings, we can shift our perception of the situation at hand. This allows us to act from a more balanced place, elevating our consciousness and as a result we experience a fuller life, living from the heart centre.

The healing traditions of our work we share are ancient yet a pioneering path to health that help us re-discovering our true nature & re-awakening our consciousness to its fullest potential.

Our work focuses on personal development, we use a combination of specific skills, tools & practices to support you to make positive and lasting changes that will enable you to flourish on all levels of your being (emotional, psychological, physical & spiritual)

We carry our memories in our physical being, we feel heavy wearing our past like an armour, eventually becoming physically & mentally unwell.

Energetically we store theses vibrations as baggage and eventually when our cup is full, we begin to suffer some of the below symptoms;

• Anxiety

• Addiction

• Depression

• Eating Disorders

• Heartbreak & Trauma

• Stuck In Repeating Cycles

• Unclear Vision & Direction of Life

Feeling our Emotions are a vital part of the Human Experience & how we feel is an Essential Indication of where we may need to focus Our Spiritual Work.

As a species we have lost the most important & sacred aspect of being human


We offer the following therapies;

• Conscious Counselling / Women & Men Circles

• Shamanic Energy Massage / Reiki Sessions / Reflexology

• Various Yoga & Breathe Work Practices

• Crystal & Sound Healing Therapy

• Shamanic Medicine Ceremonies

If you are interested in booking in for a session or joining a retreat, please fill out our form here and create an account