Emburana Rapè


Emburana is a new rapè with a fruity aroma used as an anti inflammatory and calming agent. Helps with lung and respiratory problems, good for clearing phlegm and mucus, clearing the head calming and grounding. When you regularly suffer from conditions such as asthma, allergies, rhinitis, rosacea or eczema, medicines are not the only thing that can help you reduce symptoms … But go much deeper. emburana is a mild rapé that will not only help you fight the symptoms of your allergies (due to its powerful anti-allergenic components), but it will also help you dig into the process you need to help heal your resistance and intolerance. It is said that allergies, from the emotional aspect, are due to situations that we reject from our life or from ourselves. Therefore, this tool acts directly on the third chakra and will help you reduce symptoms and discover the places in your soul where rejection hides.

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