The Varinawa Tribe

Billy has just recently travelled to Brazil, to a village called Varinawa , with the Noke Koî People to learn about their tribe, culture and traditions.

During his stay he attended the yearly festival where the close by villages all come together to celebrate life, pray, play traditional games and take part in various ceremonies together.Noke Koî is a tribe of a big ancestral wisdom and old Pajés – the spiritual and greatest leader of the village. They have been doing festivals throughout the years, which makes thousands of people around the world come to Brazil to receive healing by the sacred medicines of the forest’s guardian tribe.
The Noke Koî are about 1000 indigenous
Varinawa are known as the people of the sunshine.
Noke Koî or Noke Kuin – also known as Katukina – is one of the most famous brazillian amazon indigenous tribes. This special tribe lives in Cruzeiro do Sul, a small city of the state of Acre, which has around 8~9 villages in the same zone, one beside other (Kamãnawa, Varinawa, Satanawa, Waninawa, etc). Maybe has some other Noke Koî villages around Acre, but all we know are here in Cruzeiro do Sul.
They traditionally use the 4 most known amazon medicines: Ayahuasca – known as “Oni”, Rapé (Rome Potô), Sananga (Vero Txeshãti) and Kambô. Also, just like many other amazonian indigenous tribes, they paint themselves (Kenē) with Jenipapo (the blue dye, made of a fruit) and Urucum (the red one) as a way of protection and use Sēpa (their amazonian sacred resin) to go undetected, to move away bad spirits and clean negative energy.
There are many needs amongst the people , and urgent matters to resolve, with a lack of food and a scarcity of good drinking water which is indispensable and important key factors that need addressing.
Within the village there are more than 100 children who do not have parents (because they have died or have gone to other villages) leaving these children without a place to feel safe, without a figure to guide and feed them,
To support their people Aureum Horus is now sharing sacred medicines and traditional handicrafts directly sourced within the Noke Koî families

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