Parrot & Hand Beaded Tepi


An applicator for shamanic tobacco snuff from the Amazon, known as Rapé.

Used in shamanic ceremonies, setting intentions , meditation & grounding.

This is an handmade Kuripe by a talented artisans from Colombia.

Made of Bamboo with Parrot  Spirit Animal energy made from moulded clay and a beautiful Part hand beaded design.

Parrots teach us the power of magic. Their feathers are used in healing rituals to invoke the properties of color and light. Color and light therapy have been used by many native tribes to heal the sick or injured.

Parrots can be very vocal or very quiet depending upon the situation they are in. In humans this indicates an innate ability to know when to voice ones opinion and when to be silent. Lessons associated with discernment are always present in a parrot medicine person. The parrot is a feel good bird and is a great ally in healing depression. When the parrot flies into your life it is asking you to recapture the magic of living. It is time to enjoy your life and all it holds.

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