Noke Koî Glass Beaded Kuripe


A self-applicator for shamanic tobacco snuff from the Amazon, known as Rapé.

Used in shamanic ceremonies, clearing energy, setting intentions , meditation & grounding.

This stunning handmade Kuripe is beautifully made from a very rare and sophisticated wood by the talented Noke Koî Tribe in Brazil. We’re told it takes a look time to make it look this beautiful and a-lot of craftsmanship, love & energy has gone in to this collection.

They are then designed with colourful glass beaded patterns around the body of the kuripe, coming down to form a handle and make an elegant finnish.

Each piece is unique, made with love and holds the vibration and reflection of the healing energy of the plant medicine.

Authentic Indigenous Jewellery

Unique, Handmade / Multi-Colour Design / Region of Origin: Brazil

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