Double Bamboo Tepi With Crystals & Aya Vine


Beautiful Tepi With Jungle Seed of Power or Crystal & Ayahuasca Vine

A applicator for administrating shamanic tobacco snuff from the Amazon, known as (rapé) Rapéh.

Used in shamanic ceremonies, setting intentions , meditation & grounding

100% Handmade by talented artisans from Marechal Thaumaturgo, a small city of the state of Acre, in the brazilian Amazon.

A Aureum Horus Supported Project Helping up & coming young artisans learn the traditions & skills.

Made from bamboo thats been carefully treated on fire, waxed line, dressed with Jungle Seeds, Crystal of power and Ayahuasca’s vine – also known as Jagube or Mariri.

Decorated by a synthetic paste with an unique technique of painting, at green, blue and purple colours.

Skillfully painted with indigenous symbols (kenē) on the pyropraph – an instrument of woodburning.

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