Medicine Man & Ayahuasca Maraca


This ceremonial maraca is very unique and has a truly magical energy. very special, hand-made shamanic rattle/shaker instrument, made by our artisan friend

in Peru’s Sacred Valley outside of Cusco. These traditional rattles are a key element in Andean shamanic work and plant medicine ceremonies.

These lovely handmade instruments feature a leather casing that is filled with seeds and/or small ceramic beads, which is then hand-stitched together.

They also feature a handle made from Ayahuasca Vine with a native Chrysocolla stone.

They are exquisite, rustic and have a pleasing tone which is mid-range and gentle, ideal for musical accompaniment, singing, etc. they make a very relaxing sound, very suttle and so soft.

In South America, the shaman’s rattle is a most sacred instrument. The rattle is believed to embody the sacred forces of the cosmos through its sounds, structural features, contents, and connection to shamanic trance.



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