Ceremonial Cacao


200g (Serves 5 Ceremonial Doses) Our Cacao is made by a Family on their farm in Guatemala

Cacao is sacred, it has been used in Ritual and Ceremony by our ancestors for thousands of years .

Cacao is a versatile plant medicine grown in Central & South America. It’s a superfood that’s been used for centuries to heal on an emotional, spiritual and physical level.

The word Cacao comes from the Mayan word for the bean “Ka-Kau”.

Drinking Cacao in it’s purest form allows a deeper connection to ourselves, our own intuition, knowing and inner guidance.

The main ingredient in Cacao is Theobroma Cacao which translates to “Food of the Gods”. It’s full of antioxidants and contains magnesium, zinc and is the highest plant-based source of iron.