Huayruru & Acai Seeds Necklace


This 100% natural necklace is made of Red/Black Huayruru, Acai seeds and painted carved bamboo sections.

Made by hand by the Noke Koî, “People Of The Jaguar.”

For Protection and Healing Purpose.

Made with love and the spirit energy of the jungle with natural resources from the Amazonian Rainforest.

No fastner, not adustable. Will fit over all heads can be worn by men and women.

Shamanic Beaded Necklace Protection Amulet, Visionary Inspired, Ayauhuasca

This piece is unique, made with love and holds the vibration and reflection of the healing energy of the plant medicine.

Authentic Indigenous Jewellery

Unique, Handmade / Multi-Colour Design / Region of Origin: Brazil

By purchasing these hand crafts, you support these guardians of ancient, traditional knowledge.