[vc_row css_animation=”fadeInUp”][/vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][vc_column_text]Blending ancient and traditional massage and shamanic practices, a profound journey that releases heaviness, tension and blockages from body-mind-heart, allowing us to re-attune in our wholeness.

Shamanic Massage Therapy has its roots in ancient forms of bodywork that have been practised for thousands of years. It is a flowing, rhythmic, deeply nurturing massage which has origins linked to Siberian and Chinese medicine and the indigenous shamanic healing practices.

Our session begins with an invitation to speak about what is arising within in your life, to look to the root of what has caused tension patterns, stress or closing down. Billy then will spend some time scanning the body physically and energetically  to build a connection to the Devine. Through working into the tissues and fluids of body, as well as often simply allowing a story to be heard, we create the space for the system to release what it is holding, and for the energies to unwind and begin to move again.

During a session, you will be taken on a healing journey where both billy and Jenna will work with your muscles, joints, structure, energy body and emotional release of stresses to help your body rediscover the space within. Focusing on blockages within the physical or energetic body, using warm essential oils, breath, movement, listening and attention, creating a space for your being to release and restore.

This is a full body, powerful, deep tissue massage which incorporates meridian work to identify points for applying pressure to the body and nurturing massage movements using, hands, elbows and forearms in a dynamic, flowing form that mimics the ebb and flow of natures elements. 

The work is very beautiful, like an ancient dance, enabling both the client and practitioners to voyage into deeper realms of consciousness.

Various high vibrational instruments will be used at times to unblock energy centres, for example the shamanic drum, rattle, Tibetan and crystal singing bowls, tuning folks along with crystals to help pull dark energies from particular places.

This work helps to release and clear toxicity and tension, allowing the life force energy to flow so that the body can return to its natural state of balance, harmony and health.

Shamanic Massage can help to relieve physical tension, ease aches and pains, relieve stress and fatigue, ease mental and emotional distress, and helps to balance and align your whole system. This kind of bodywork is ‘holistic’, treating the whole person. It is a deeply nurturing therapy, which will leave you feeling relaxed, revitalised  and freer in your body and mind.[/vc_column_text][vc_row][vc_column][/vc_column][/vc_row]