[vc_row css_animation=”bounceInUp”][vc_column][vc_column_text]You’ve been attuned for Reiki level one.

Completed the 21-day clearing process

Your friends have noticed something different about you.

Nothing and everything’s changed.

They’re all getting curious about reiki, now.

You’ve practiced on a few of them.

There’s proof that the results are real.

You’re ready to take Reiki to the next level, aren’t you?

Reiki II is given to those who have assimilated the energies of Reiki I. Reiki II opens up the practitioner’s aura and energetic system to access Universal gateways of energy, information, love and light. The Reiki II initiation is a magical one for it is here that the student learns and sees for the first time the sacred symbols being used during the initiation process

Course Outline

Certificate in Reiki I required for this attunement – this can be from any Reiki Master in the world. Please contact for further details.

  • Receiving a healing session from your Reiki Master
  • One Reiki attunement during the day by your Reiki Master
  • You’ll be initiated to use three sacred symbols and gain a deeper understanding of the benefits of reiki. Each symbol will enable you to harness reiki with more focus. They can be used to support emotional healing, release and reprogram limiting beliefs, empower you to move on from the past and send distance healing.
  • SYMBOL 1: Focus power healing – allows the practitioner to direct a channel of focused energy, much like a lightning bolt to a specific area or situation.
  • SYMBOL 2: Emotional healing – allows the practitioner to balance emotional issues and situations.
  • SYMBOL 3: Distance Healing – allowing the practitioner to heal any individual, animal or being across distance and time
  • Learn about Distant Reiki
  • Learn about the Reiki gateways
  • Practise on your fellow practitioners or your Reiki Master
  • Discussion time about experiences


  • Certificate in Reiki II, recognised by the UK Reiki Federation
  • Reiki II Manual – detailing sacred information, hand placements and techniques to bring Reiki into your life
  • Reiki Share and personal Reiki treatment with Reiki Master

Reiki is an empowering self-care tool that helps you to become connected with your intuition. It gives you the ability to feel into what you need and adjust your energy so that you can get grounded, balanced and relaxed. It’s the kind of healing that you can access when you’re in the go and it doesn’t matter where you do it because it’s discreet enough that you could even give yourself a treatment while you’re commuting on the train to work. One of the best things about being a reiki practitioner is that it’s like a gift that keeps on giving; when you’re giving someone else a treatment, you get some of the good vibes as well – reiki doesn’t use any of your energy and as you’re channeling, you absorb some reiki in the process.

Some students feel the most powerful experiences during their Reiki II initiations as it synchronises them with Universal Source in a way that their energetic systems have never been exposed to before. It is a powerfully peaceful process yet empowering in its own way.

Those who are attuned to Reiki II level may now begin to open their own practice professionally.